Reggie’s Refit: Can A Ridgeback Panorama Ever Have Looked So Good?

Pictures speak louder than words but here are a few anyway (the pictures are below). Just back from AW Cycles in Caversham after having picked Reggie up from his refit. What a smooth ride. No squeaks, no shakes, no rattles, no vibrations! And he looks good too. The work done includes
– new Schwalbe Marathon Plus tyres
– new rear chain set
– new chain
– new cables & brake pads
– new handlebar foam
– rear mudguard bracket adjustment to stop vibrations
– new Peak DX pump
– bottle cages refitted
– serviced & checked (slight pedal give rectified)
– cleaned!
He is almost ready for his great European adventure in just over a month. I also took the opportunity of stocking up on spares (brake pads, cables, spokes – three sizes required!) & a spoke tightening tool. I even treated myself to an ultra light Kask helmet. I’m beginning to count the days…





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  1. Just wondered how you and Reggie are doing with that stand – must get one but am not sure about the type – isn’t fitting it near the bottom bracket more stable?

    • Hi. The stand isn’t the original one. That was fitted just behind the pedals but it wasn’t very strong. When I asked advice at the bike shop about getting a better one they suggested I fit one nearer to where the bulk of the load would be whilst touring which is where the back wheels are. I haven’t done any touring since it was fitted but if you ask me a few days into my ride from Greece to Portugal starting on the 1st July I’ll be able to give you a better opinion.

    • Yes, I agree 100% They served me well when I cycled the Eurovelo 5 in 2010 – not one puncture! I hope to repeat that feat along the Eurovelo 8 in 2013… ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Looking good! And you’ve still got plenty of time to go back to your local bike shop and get them to tune up your gears and brakes if you get new cable stretch. Very smooth!

    I remember from your book that you gave away your stove on the way to Italy because you weren’t really using it. Are you planning on cooking this time round?

    I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip. Good luck!

    • Yes, I’m back at the bike shop in three weeks’ time for pre-trip adjustments. My eating arrangements will be the same as they were en route to Italy in 2010; cafรฉs, bars, sandwich shops… and the odd restaurant when I deserve it. I quite like my ’24 hour eating’ activity (see the Luxembourg chapter of the book!).

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