Not Watching The 2nd Test, England v. New Zealand

Surely not watching England play cricket must be one of the most relaxing activities known to man. I’m at Headingley cricket stadium in Leeds, Yorkshire and after having watched just under an hour of action this morning, I’ve just been spending a very pleasurable two hours wandering around the ground, pausing to send the odd tweet, taking a few photos, drinking a pint of Black Sheep beer, eating some chips doused in far too much ketchup, watching people (fellow spectators, ground staff, security personnel, players at the window of their changing room, commentators…). Things really could be much worse. I hope the game does get finished – England need two wickets to win & New Zealand have no chance of doing so themselves – but in the meantime, I’m as happy as Larry…8875356957_1713e37344_o



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