Tents: The Robens Osprey 2

I wrote at length a few days ago about my visit to Springfield Camping – A Visit To Tent Heaven – while I was in Yorkshire earlier this week. I looked at the Vango/Force Ten Nitro Lite 200+ and was generally impressed. I’m still very unsure about the extra porch area however. I would probably go for the plain old 200 despite there being very little difference in price between the two. But this morning I picked up the Robens brochure that I was given at the Outdoors Show at EXCEL earlier in the year. The Robens Osprey 2 seems to be a very similar tent to the Nitro Lite 200… but is a bit less expensive. It gets good write-ups on the online review sites (and there is also an Osprey 2EX should I decide to ‘go large’ with a porch area!). It is, however, heavier than the Nitro which is a mere 1.4kg as opposed to the Osprey which comes in at 2.4kg. Pack size is 42 x 11cm for the Nitro & 49 x 18cm for the Osprey. Thoughts welcome. There is even a video…

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  1. For cycle touring, the weight saving of the Force 10 Nitro Lite is not insignificant. Save a kilo – If I had the budget I’d go for that.

    • I see where you are coming from but I put it in the context of having lost 20kg of mine own weight since the cycle in 2010; I’d rather take something that is a little roomier… (and yes, not massively expensive). Thanks for the advice!

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