Connectivity In A Very Connected World

We live in a very connected World. Or at least I do and this website does. I spent last night trying to sort out all the connections to and from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr etc… and I think I have them mastered. In theory, this post on should now appear automatically on the Facebook page and to Twitter (both the @CyclingEurope one and the @ReggieTheBike one) but in turn the Facebook page should not repost it to Twitter itself. Instagram photographs are linked to on Twitter (but don’t or rather won’t post to Facebook) & Flickr photographs post to Twitter & Facebook (but only my personal page and not the ‘Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie’ page). 14973332-cartoon--boom-comic-book-explosionIf you are still with me, congratulations! The secret is not to have things instantaneously reposted to the same place because of automatic posting by a secondary network. It’s at this point where my head is about to explode. You may have guessed that this post itself is just an excuse to test everything out and that you have been an unwitting party to this experiment. I apologise. And I almost forgot! Both Twitter feeds and the Facebook page have links on the homepage of Flickr has a box on there too and there is a button linking back to Instagram. An explosion has now taken place… Fingers crossed! I’ve forgotten YouTube… Err… OK, rectified; I’ve just added a picture link to the homepage.

(P.S. If you are lucky enough to have ‘subscribed’ to this drivel then you’ll also get an email in your inbox, unless you’ve changed the settings which means that you won’t and I suspect that most of you have done just that. Many more will do it now…)

(P.P.S. This also goes to LinkedInย but asย no oneย uses that, I think I may have got awayย withoutย mentioning it.)

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  1. I got the email, but only just read it, and I am afraid I don’t look carefully enough at your facebook posts! I am a committed blog reader, albeit not timely.

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