Cycle Tramps… From Calderdale

I received a message this week on the Facebook page from Neola Kay Wilby;

“I’ve just been looking at your route for the summer. My boyfriend and I will be cycling from northern Spain to Croatia then to Romania, cross through Germany, Amsterdam and back home! We’re doing it over about 4 months but we’ll cross through a lot of the same territory as you – South of France, northern Italy and Croatia. We’re not sure on dates but if you fancy meeting up then we can keep in touch and see if our paths cross at any point!? We’ll be keeping a blog – not much on there at the moment and we haven’t started promoting it yet but do take a look when you’ve got a minute. Any tips greatly appreciated!”

It would be good to meet up with them! Keep and eye on their website (and on mine) and if we are in the vicinity of each other, shout! They set off from Santander on the 18th June and I set off in the other direction from the south-eastern corner of Greece on the 1st July. Northern Croatia? Italy?

The strange thing is that Neola is from Halifax, the place where I was born and brought up and she has the following great picture of Elland, the small town just outside Halifax where my family still live as her Facebook profile!548501_10151104470730488_1120210001_n

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  1. Aw thanks 🙂 We (and I’m sure Andrew and Reggie) would never say no to an offer of a barbie! The food posts on your blog look mega yums! Where in the South of France are you?

        • Ah ha! I just sent you an email. That’s great, thanks. Would you be able to email some more details (name, address, contact number etc…). I agree with Neo, your food does look extremely good!
          Thanks again

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