Boktips From Sweden @velonavia #cycling

Mentions of my book on far-flung websites are always intriguing to read; the thought that someone far off is absorbed in reading about my little journey across Europe is as delightful as it is curious. Even more so when they are not written in English. This has been the case this week on this Swedish website;Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 11.20.00

I love how the person writing the short article – Magnus – has placed my book next to those by Barack Obama & Noam Chomsky. If your Swedish is a bit rusty, here is aย translationย courtesy of Google Translate:

“At the top of Boktraven is now a book with the somewhat long, but absolutely gorgeous name ‘Good Vibrations: Crossing Europe on Bike Called Reggie’. The book landed in my mailbox a few days into the New Year and is my reading at the moment. Teacher Andrew P. Sykes describes his journey from lazy television viewer in front of broadcasts from the Beijing Olympics, to the preparation and implementation of his cycling holiday from Reading in England along the Eurovelo 5 to Brindisi in the “heel” of southern Italy. I have not finished reading the book but can reveal that I recommend it highly, whether you are in the process of planning summer biking, or just want to break from everyday life and implementing a dream. Of course I will return when I have finished the book …”

We have time to brush up on our Swedish before the final review is publish… Here is the link to the Swedish website in question.

What do you think?