“Crossing Europe On A Bike Called Reggie”: £1.53 “Children In Need” Offer

Dear friends,

Welcome to November!

You’ve all be amazingly supportive over the last fifteen months since ‘Good Vibrations: Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie‘ was first published back in August 2011. A budding author could not have asked for more help, advice & encouragement. The last week has been a challenging one however dealing with the idiosyncrasies of Amazon who insisted (after fifteen months on sale) on the removal of the expression ‘Good Vibrations’ from the title but it did end with some good news from Waterstone’s; the book will soon be available in around 50 stores around the country. Look out for it in the run up to Christmas; it would make a great present for cyclists or non-cyclists alike.

That said, the upshot of the enforced name change is that the Kindle version of the book does now need a bit of a shot in the arm to help get it up and running again and this is where you could possibly help. For a limited period I’ve reduced the price of the download to £1.53 and for every sale made between now and midnight on Friday 16th November, I will make a donation of £1.53 to the BBC Children In Need appeal*. If you have already bought a copy of the Kindle version you’ll still be able to purchase it again as it now has a slightly different name: ‘Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie‘. If you don’t have a Kindle device remember that you can download Kindle books to any PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone by simply downloading the free Kindle reading app.

By doing so you’ll not only be helping me and Reggie get up and running again but also be contributing to a great charitable cause. If you have friends who you think might also enjoy the read and be able to help out, please let them know about the special offer.

I’ll keep you updated with how much you’ve raised over the next couple of weeks. On pre-name change sales there is no reason why the amount donated to Children In Need couldn’t be into three figures. Here’s hoping!

Here is the link again that will take you directly to the ‘Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie’ page on

Thanks once more for your support.

Happy cycling!

Andrew (& Reggie)

*The small print: Even though I don’t receive the full £1.53 from Amazon, I’m happy to donate the full amount that you pay for the first 200 Kindle downloads purchased this month. Should sales go over 200 between now and midnight on Friday 16th November, I will donate the entire royalty that is paid to me for sales in excess of 200 which is £1 per book.

What do you think?