Good Vibrations: “On Yer Bike!” 5*

Another five-star review of Good Vibrations: Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie;

“Looking for something different I stumbled upon Crossing Europe on a Bike called Reggie and found it surprising and inspiring. The book works on a number of different levels. As a travelogue, the author takes you on a journey through the very heart of Europe offering interesting insights and viewpoints on places both on and off the beaten track. The informal, personal style should be employed by tourist information [offices] worldwide as you find yourself being drawn places not normally considered. (Especially Luxembourg for some reason.)

As a commentary on human nature, it takes you from line dancing in France through to thinly disguised flirting in Italy. The overriding feeling portrayed is of a Europe where people are willing to help distant acquaintances just because it’s the right thing to do. In today’s sceptical world this is refreshing and comforting. Finally, the sheer human scale of the feat, while not quite inspirational enough to make me oil the trusty Claude Butler back into life after 20 years of neglect, forces you to consider doing something more interesting than sitting on the settee ………Maybe tomorrow….”

Andy T,

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