Football Or A Good Book?

Having just read Good Vibrations: Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie Simon Barnes in Washington DC has added a review at;
“The author tells a very funny story of his adventure, with Reggie his bike, as they ride from southern England to the south of Italy. A highly enjoyable read and one I would recommend most heartedly.”
My review of the football match I went to see earlier today – Huddersfield Town v. Sheffield Wednesday would be less positive, especially from the perspective of the home fans. The score was 0:2. Moral of the story if your team have a tough match with a team riding high in the division; stay at home and read a good book. And for the price of one ticket to see an old third division match (£29) you could download Good Vibrations nearly ten times from Amazon or now from Apple (£2.99)!


What do you think?