Football Or A Good Book?

Having just read Good Vibrations: Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie Simon Barnes in Washington DC has added a review at;
“The author tells a very funny story of his adventure, with Reggie his bike, as they ride from southern England to the south of Italy. A highly enjoyable read and one I would recommend most heartedly.”
My review of the football match I went to see earlier today – Huddersfield Town v. Sheffield Wednesday would be less positive, especially from the perspective of the home fans. The score was 0:2. Moral of the story if your team have a tough match with a team riding high in the division; stay at home and read a good book. And for the price of one ticket to see an old third division match (ยฃ29) you could download Good Vibrations nearly ten times from Amazon or now from Apple (ยฃ2.99)!


What do you think?