The New British Olympic Kit?

As a newly appointed London 2012 volunteer, I’ve got to be careful here not to say too much but I think I am on solid ground by making a comment about the new kit that was revealed this weekย for the British athletes taking part in the games…

It has been confirmed to me that I will be based in west London when working for the Olympics this summer, not too far from Paddington station. This is the station where I would normally travel to in London from Reading. Fantastic! However, if my shifts are conveniently timed to allow me to at least travel in one direction by bike, it doesn’t seem a bad idea at all to consider the option of taking Reggie with me on a few of my days in the capital. I could take the train in the other direction.ย  As a volunteer I will be given a slightly less revealing uniform than the one modelled here by Sir Chris Hoy, but how cool would it be to roll up at my place of work Lycra-cladย in the Great Britain Olympic kit! There is one slight problem; I probably wouldn’t look anything like Chris Hoy does in his kit. You can buy it by visiting the London 2012 shop. Better get into training… Or buy a baggy t-shirt instead?

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