2012: Summer Of Cycling

Just found this online;

“In 2012, brought together by the all-party Parliamentary cycling group, dozens of major UK cycling event organisers, charities, NGOs, industry manufacturers, retailers and other organisations with an interest in pedal power are collaborating to promote a ‘Summer of Cycling’. The campaign aims to provide an umbrella for a movement which will introduce more new people to cycling than ever before. Currently the campaign is being coordinated by the Bicycle Association.

The premise is simple: by collaborating, this group of organisations has an incredible reach. From their newsletters and websites to free advertising offered on the back of one supporting organisation’s buses – it numbers many hundreds of thousands. Using their social media networks the reach could become millions.

The summer of cycling call to action is simple: ‘introduce a friend, a neighbour, member of the family to cycling’. This is a premise all organisations can sign up to because it not only promotes cycling in general but also supports the individual activities of any participating organisation. Bringing a friend to a Bike week event; getting parents to try a bike train during Bike to School Week; buddying with a neighbour to cycle to work: the Summer of Cycling is inclusive – anyone can take part from Government Departments to organisations to individuals.

Different organisations will lead on various themes throughout the summer – from cycling to school or work, to the major sporting events, each promoting and incentivising the campaign.”

Watch their website, Twitter account or Facebook page for updates.

Update: There’s even a video…

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