Good Reads: Cycling Books

I am about to enter the high-brow world of literary criticism! Not only is Good Vibrations: Crossing Europe on a Bike called Reggie the book of choice at next Thursday’s London Cycling Book Club – I’ll be there in person of course (see banner below for full details)ย – it is also now included in a new online discussion group at Good Readsย called, err… ‘Cycling Books’. The group is run by a chap called Byron, a Tokyo-based cyclist who read Good Vibrations & enjoyed it, so much so that he would like me to appear as a guest on a podcast about cycling that he is thinking of starting. Alas, however, I don’t think a first class ticket to Japan is in the pipeline; for this stage in my literary career, Skype will probably have to suffice. But one day…

What do you think?