“Best Cycling Book I’ve Read To Date” *****

I do hope C. J. Boarland has read more than just the one cycling book;

“Best cycling book I’ve read to date. Having decided to embark on my own mid-life cycling adventure this year I was looking for a book written for the ordinary guy who aspires to achieve something special. There are plenty of technical, expert accounts around for the super fit and cycling anoraks, but that’s not what I wanted. I came across Good Vibrations: Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggieย purely through a Kindle search and more by luck than judgement or recommendation, I found exactly the book I was looking for. Andrew Sykes’s style is both informative and amusing – he had me laughing and nodding in agreement on many occasions. I am planning to cycle from Roscoffย to Monaco in August 2012 as a way of celebrating my retirement year (early fifties)… Good Vibrations exactly reflects my outlook on such an endeavour – solo, minimal reliance on and contact with others and an intent, come what may, to achieve his goal…”

C. J. Boarland (Cornwall, England)

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