Good Vibrations: The First Book Tour

Well, kind of. More of a poster tour really which consisted of me cycling around the bicycle shops of Reading asking them if they could possibly put up the poster in the window. But they all did, so a big thank-you to A.W. Cycles (Reggie’s spiritual home of course and his clinic when not well), Evans Cycles (who were not just willing but enthusiastic about changing Reggie’s handlebars, brakes and gear shifters when others weren’t…), Cyclezone, & Berkshire Bikes. In addition, the University of Reading Sports Park were very keen to take some of the posters (even an A3 one!) to display up at the sports centre and Cotswold Leisure in Whitley (who supplied much of my equipment last year) also took one off my hands. Thanks to everyone for doing that.

It seemed fitting that as I cycled around Reading delivering my posters that I should get drenched by the inclement August weather; it was very reminiscent of cycling from northern France to Rome…

What do you think?