Eurovelo 5, The Book; Update!

I know you are all out there checking the blog avidly every day to see if a publication date has yet been set for my book recounting my little adventure of summer 2010 along the Eurovelo 5 from Berkshire to Brindisi… No? Well, I can’t quite give you that yet – I’m still at the editing stage and have just arrived (once again) in Switzerland – but to celebrate having 100,000 hits on the website, I have changed the nature of the extracts that are already published online.

Kari, an ex-collegue and friend who is currently working in Dubai downloaded all of the chapters I had previously published and read them on the flight from the Middle East back to the UK a few weeks ago. That’s dedication for you! One remark that she made was that she couldn’t understand some of the comments I had made as they referred to things mentioned previously in the book and which were not published online. This is a fair point so I have removed all the chapters that were previously on this website and replaced them with a series of consecutive chapters that cover the part of the journey through Eastern France from Luxembourg to Hunningue on the Franco-Swiss border. This doesn’t solve the problem entirely as I am sure that I make references to parts of the journey that came prior to my departure from Luxembourg, but it will hopefully enhance you reading experience and only whet your appetite even more to rush out to your local bookshop when I do indeed get published (or, perhaps a little bit more realistically when you download me to your Kindle…).

You can access the new online chapters via the links at the top of this page or by simply clicking on the picture to the left if the former is too much hard work… so what are you waiting for?

My search for a good title continues as I amย  still not happy with the current title. This saga would merit a little book of its own but we started with The Rain Was Lashing Down, then came The Rain Stopped At Eboli, then The Long Road to Puglia and currently What Did You Do Last Summer, Sir?. I hate them all! I need something that sums up the nature of the trip but also the light-hearted tone of the book. Suggestions more than welcome, please!

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  1. Hello Andrew,

    Seems like the perfect name for your book could be, Nay, should be:

    “TRAVELS WITH REGGIE, The Puglia Road”

    You do a WONDERFUL job of humanizing Reggie throughout your writings, so it’s a natural to credit him as a subplot in your title.

    The subtitle suggests a remarkable series of Reggie Books. A literary Empire in the making!

    Glen Brooks

    • Thanks for the comments Glen and I think you make a good point; the title needs to at least aknowledge that the journey was done by two rather than one and making an explicit reference to Reggie in the title would do that perfectly…
      Keep the ideas coming!

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