Velo Marathon To London 2012

Kate Belcheva is from Bulgaria, a country that has escaped the web of the Eurovelo network of routes. Routes 6 & 11 pass through neighbouring Romania to the north (route 6) and through Serbia and Macedonia to the west (route 11), but Bulgaria itself is devoid of Eurovelo routes! She is about to try to redress this omission by cycling from her home town of Pleven to London timing her arrival in the British capital to arrive on the 27th July 2012, the day of the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. She will be using the well-cycled Eurovelo 6 to Switzerland where she will be paying a visit to the headquarters of the IOC in Lausanne before heading north along the Eurovelo 5 to London. I wonder if she has tickets for the opening ceremony?

You can visit her website here for more information about her trip.

What do you think?