In the cyclist’s own words;

Approaching the roundabout, preparing to turn right I make a shoulder check and a clear right turn hand signal before moving into the RH lane. There’s traffic on the RAB, so I stop and give way to it. When it’s clear, I move onto the RAB, keeping to the RH lane until the exit prior to the one I want. There I make another shoulder check and a clear left turn hand signal and then move across to the LH lane ready to exit the RAB.

It’s at that point I get the first shout of abuse. Not sure if it was the driver or the passenger of the Ford Fiesta, whose registration I could only get part of.

I make a comment about there being enough room on the road for both of us and this appears to enrage the passenger, who climbs half out of the car to hurl more abuse at me.

The second set of lights are red and so the car stops. The passenger jumps out and still hurling abuse, approaches me with what seemed a clear intention to punch me in the face. Still unsure of what I could have done to upset him, I apologise to my assailant, who backs down and walks off to find where his lift has gone off to, still hurling abusive comments as I ride away.

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