Unfortunately, I don’t live in Kensington & Chelsea. Perhaps if the book becomes a best-seller I might earn a million and move down the M4 to the big city to pursue a career as an author / Eurovelo consultant. You’re back in the room! Ah yes, shouldn’t spend my time dreaming. Why is all this relevant? Well, in a sign that this blog is transforming itself from being the story of how someone decided to cycle to Italy, plan the journey, complete and trip and then write a book all about his experiences into a more general website, I have received my very first press release! And it has nothing to do with either the Eurovelo 5 or 8. It was from a marketing agency in London called Grape Digital (who specialise in ‘viral’ campaigns – it’s working boys!);

Are you a cyclist in Kensington and Chelsea? You are not alone! There are over 8,000 others pedaling the streets of this borough and more and more are joining in each year! To celebrate this weโ€™ve launched our Bikeminded campaign which you can get involved in at

It is a pity that the answer to their question is ‘no, sorry’. However, if you visit the website, it is one of those neat sites that really hits the spot and helps move cycling towards the freezing end of the cool wall in a way that Cycling Chic has been doing for quite a few years. Reading (where I do live), needs its own Bikeminded organisation as I fear that Reading Cycle Campaign is towards the other end of the spectrum of cool… Perhaps I should do something about it rather than just carp.


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