Grey Van Man Idiot

Thanks to Iain for the link (see previous post and Iain’s comment). Depressingly shocking video… You’ll be glad to know thatย the yob behind the wheel got 5 points on his licence, a ยฃ175 fine and a police caution for assault. What a Jeremy Hunt.

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  1. I’ve never had anything thrown at me or too much abuse but idiots pulling out in front of me, cutting me up at junctions cause they can’t just wait behind me, coming past me with millimeters to spare sometimes when there is a lorry passing in the other direction and sometimes cause they just don’t think I deserve any space, or going to pull out then changing their mind once they have realised how fast I’m going and I’ve half crapped myself having had a out of body vision of myself going into the front wing of the 4×4 before going over the bonnet and into the flint stone wall beyond it and ruining my pretty face.

  2. Abuse like that is all too common. I have often thought of filming my commute. I would probably get one a month. The most popular form of abuse is the argument that I should not be on the road as there is a perfectly good dual use cycle path, this seems to justify them trying to knock me off my bike.
    Last year I got a mcdonalds drink thrown over me, for no reason I can think of, by a 4wd doing about 70 past me down the bypass. Bizzare!

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