“Berkshire Cyclist’s Camera Films Road Rage”

The following is from the BBC News website. It’s a pity that the guy concerned hasn’t put his videos on YouTube for us to watch although I would imagine if he did it might prejudice the chance of a prosecution which is what he is hoping for. I sympathise 100% with him. Pity I don’t have my own camera to add to his pile of evidence…

A Berkshire barrister, fed up with aggressive and dangerous drivers, has attached a camera to his bicycle helmet to record his experiences.

Martin Porter, 48, of Sunningdale, has been knocked off his bicycle and has had drivers threaten to kill him.

He says he is collecting evidence of serious incidents to hand to police.

He said: “Earlier on this year I had a man in a car force me to the side of the road and threaten to follow me home and burn my house down.”

‘Very vulnerable’

Mr Porter said his camera records his daily commute.

He said: “The incident that I filmed last month, a driver drew close alongside me in a narrow road and threatened to kill me.

“It is road rage and, I think, a lack of empathy and understanding of what it’s like to ride a bicycle.

“It is frightening because cyclists are very vulnerable indeed.

“It can be a deterrent, but I’ve got something that I can bring to the attention of the police and offer it as evidence of what has occurred.”

He added: “One has to question whether people who suffer road rage at the slightest provocation should really be behind the steering wheel of a car.”

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