Morning in Metz?

When I cycled to southern Italy along the Eurovelo 5 last summer (remember that?), I spent a relaxing hour or so in the French city of Metz on the morning of the 27th July. I sat in a cafรฉ and knocked back two espressos to fortify me for the day as I typed an entry to this blog. You can see the original entry here.

Now, all that was a long time ago, but my blog entry gets regular visitors because the expression “morning in Metz” is, as you can see on the left, theย 11th most searched for term directing people towards this website. It has intrigued me for sometime. Are you one of the people who searches for “morning in Metz”? Why? Are there are lots of people out there desperate to find out what to do on a morning in the east of France?

I know why I get lots of traffic about Decathlon, Eurovelo 5 (this is still as well as, Ridgeback Panorama (my bike), Mark Beaumont and even “c***b***d b**” (I refuse to type the word lest I encourage even more people to come here because they happen to be moving house and need to source some suitable containers in whichย to store all their chattels), but “morning in Metz” intrigues me. Any answers?

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  1. That last entry is dangerously close to a shamless way of bumping the ratings (Nike Air) of your site (not sponsered by trek, colnago, coca cola) back up the reading (daily mail, times, mirror) popularity charts. I know that searches for call of duty black ops have hit the cycle blog world hard this festive period and xbox 360 is not what your site is about at all.
    Wish I had thought of such a cunning plan blackadder.

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