Back On The Bike, Finally!

After the Any Questions experience last Friday, the subsequent few days were a bit of a wash out. I wasn’t feeling wonderful on the Friday of the radio show visiting school – I noted in the post here that I only went to school because of their visit in the evening – and at the weekend, I slowly went downhill. On Monday morning, I called in sick…

On Tuesday I called in the back up plan – a lift to work – and that continued until the end of the week. Reggie Ridgeback sat on his two tyres, motionless in the languages faculty room at school all week. Or nearly… I was determined to get him back home so yesterday, I cycled back to Reading. And how wonderful it was! I’m already looking forward to Monday morning and a full week of cycle commuting to and from Henley.

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  1. I’ve not been able to get back on two wheels because my light is broken and away getting fixed, lucky it had a two year warranty. It is a great light and British made but it had been away for 3 weeks now and I can’t commute without it. I’m on the verge of getting angry about it which wasn’t a problem in the snow bust has been an issue this last week.. So just going to tuck into some porridge then off out for a 65 mile blast to make up for it!

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