The Real Homeric Adventurer

“It’s a grim old day…” says the weatherman on Five Live and as I look through the window as I prepare for my second educational day visit of the week to France, I see the proof. Where has the summer gone?

So it is with delight that I receive the following message from the real man of Homeric journeys (see previous post), The Man Who Cycled the World, The Man Who Cycled the Americas, the one and only Mark Beaumont;

…best wishes for an enjoyable cycle to Italy.  I have pedalled many of the areas on your route and loved them all.  Keep up the great blogging.

Thanks for that Mark; I’ll do my best with the blogging 🙂

One celebrity endorsement is amazing. Two, I fear, is too much to hope for and those of you who have visited my Just Giving page may have noticed a donation from a certain Michael R J B Palin. Unfortunately, the great adventurer himself is not behind the £20 (plus gift aid!) but my cousin who has the initials RJB. That said, I don’t care whether you are rich and famous or poor and unknown (or anywhere in between); your donations are very much appreciated. Thanks to everyone who has given so far and to all of you who are planning to do so.

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