End of Term…

…for me, but not the rest of the school. It seemed strange to end the year without the usual fanfare and mass salutations. It was just another Friday afternoon for everyone else; a happier than usual one I imagine for most as they look forward to the real end of term which is next Wednesday. Having emailed my colleagues about my plansย a couple of days ago, lots of people were very kind with their comments and emails of support; quite a few have sponsored me or promise to do so (the total now stands at 53% of the target by the way!). But as they drifted off home for the end of the week, I packed my things for the end of the year and cycled back home. Most cyclists can put up with the wet, the heat andย the cold; it’s the wind that is generally disliked because is turns a journey into a battle. Tonight, it seemed as though Mother Nature had saved up her breath to make my commute home one such battle!

Now back at the flat, I am looking forward to 36 hours of frenzy as I prepare for setting off on Sunday morning. A mixture of practical issues – packing, cleaning, last-minuteย shopping… – and minor social events. In a few minutes I’m meeting a friend for a quick good-bye drink and then tomorrow afternoon, with Puglian Basil and a few local friends at the appropriately named Bella Italia in Reading, I toast my departure. If you are near, drop by to say hello! 2pm in The Oracle.

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  1. Best of Luck Andrew, very jealous of this adventure….stay safe and have fun…I will keep an eye on how you are getting on.x

  2. Thank you all for your kind comments of support – very much appreciated and to know that people will be following my gradual progress along the route will help me going when times get tough will help inspire me to overcome them!

  3. My best wishes for your trip am sure you wiull have lots of fun and not too many hassels. Makes me feel we are almost underway on our trip from Hamburg to Venice. Your departure is a sign for me to get the bikes into Trevor for a tune up and to set up our journal on Crazyguy on a bikr.

    Tricia (NZ)

  4. Hi Andrew!
    Sorry can’t drop in to say hello, but I do wish you all the very best of luck for your trip. I will be watching your blog. I just made a very tiny donation (my motto is that every little helps), but somehow it seemed to go through without the message. I hope you stay well, have no serious break-downs or accidents and the weather is resonable – not too hot (it’s in the 30s here in the Tyrol right now), not too wet. However I DON’T wish you that everything goes absolutely perfectly, because I can tell you from experience that it’s the things that go slightly wrong that provide converstaion topics and memories in the future.

  5. Andrew

    Good luck with the rest of your prep. Post as often as you can and I look forward to your reports.

    May the tailwinds follow you all the way!


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