Knocks, Rattles, Vibrations & Squeaks

Following his check-up on Saturday morning at AW Cycles, Reggie appears to be in fine form. The vibration at the front is gone, the knocking gear when going uphill has disappeared and the vibrating rear mud guard a thing of the past! Just a squeaking saddle remains but there is somethingย comforting about a squeak; nowhere near as annoying as a knock, a rattle or a vibration. So Reggie was purring as I cycled him back home this evening. Only my knees that were, for some reason, a little bit creaky gave me cause for concern. Or were they squeaking….

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  1. On my carbon bike I just stripped down the headset, cleaned it and re-greased it to try and remove some creaking from the front end. It seems to have worked.
    Oh and a good clean of the chain and re-lube has the drive train running better too.
    Still a bit of a clicking from the BB or chain or chainset. Might invest in a chain measure to see if I need a new one, think I do after the miles it has covered.

  2. I spend a great deal of time chasing rattles, squeaks, clicks ticks and buzzes. They annoy the bejesus out of me! My new tourer seems to develop one every time I go out! And every new bike I have had has worked a few screws loose in the first 500 miles or so. I check them regularly until they stop, usualy the day before I buy another new bike.
    I say this with a sad tear in my eye as I have just sold my ridgback and the courier van came to take it away today. 8000 miles in 2 years and a lot of fun. I hope I come to feel the same about the new one. ๐Ÿ™‚

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