Gary Walters; Rotterdam to Milan

Gary Walters, a PE teacher from Nottingham contacted me back in April. Here is his original email;
I recently stumbled along your website about the Eurovelo 5 as me and 4 friends are cycling from Rotterdam to Milan on August 2nd this summer. We are hoping to arrive in Milan on the following Thursday (August 12th) for a flight back on the Friday so are looking at about 9 days cycling. We are trying to plan the route but need some help regarding the best route to take. We will be looking to stay at youth hostels along the way. Can you offer us any help with this route or point us in the right direction? Is this distance too far for a 9 day ride?
Any info you can give us would be great.
Many thanks
Much to my shame. I never replied. Sorry. I feel very guilty…..
However, I aim to make it up to Gary and his friends. Earlier today I updated my Facebook “friends” with the emails of people who had been in contact about the Eurovelo 5. Gary was kind enough to accept my request and has followed it up with the following message;
Hi Andrew,
Thanks for adding me. Can you have a look at this route we are thinking about doing? Had a look at some cycle routes but they tend to take a lot longer – for example the first one to Eindhoven, can we bike on their major roads or is this not a good idea?
Any help would be great.
Thanks mate.
Thanks for that Gary. I have to say that you place me on a cycling pedestal that I don’t really deserve. I’m just as much a novice at this long-distance cycling thing as most other people. I agree with you about cycle routes (I experienced the “problem” last year while cycling along the Pennine Cycleway which was great for the scenery but with all the twists and turns of the route, I didn’t clock up many miles per day…). I would imagine that I will spend most of my time of roads that are shared with cars although it’s worth noting that like me, you’ll be travelling down the Rhine and there is the Rhine cycle route that you could follow (not too many twists and turns there as it follows the route of the river). Actually, looking at your route again, you might not follow the Rhine cycle route as you don’t seem to pass through Strasbourg. I’ll be passing though that area towards the end of July, just a few days before you so the best thing to do is to look out on the blog and see how I get on!
Good luck with your trip and I look forward to hearing how you get on later in the summer!

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