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Facebook is great. It has brought me into contact with lots of people who are interested in cycling either the Eurovelo 5 or a route that involves passing through the same places as the Eurovelo 5. Hamish Pattison from New Zealand is one of them and he’s just sent me a message;

Hi Andrew,
My friend and I are from New Zealand and plan to cycle from London following the Eurovelo 5 route to Northern Italy to then link onto Eurovelo 8 and end our journey in Athens. Any info or advice you could give on the routes would be amazing. Cheers!”

That trip is a step up from mine. The Eurovelo 8 route (which hasn’t got a mention on here yet but there is an excellent documentย to help cyclists on the ECF website; why isn’t there something similar for the EV5?!) runs along the northern Mediterranean coast from Gibraltar to Athens; what a trip! I might do that next summer….

I suppose my advice to Hamish is simply to watch this space over the next couple of months and you’ll find out all that I discover about the Eurovelo 5 route as I cycle from the UK to Italy.

Good luck Hamish; keep me posted about your trip. When do you set off?

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  1. Hi,

    What can I say wow, what a great trip and a great website to boot! I’m looking at traveling along the EuroVelo5 myself next year and then jump on the EuroVelo8 headed to Valencia. Are there any other resources you could recommend? (Other than this site which is GREAT!) any information on route planning would be very greatfully recieved!!



    • Thanks for the comment Joe and apologies in posting a replying. Busy start to the new term at schoolโ€ฆ.
      Other resources? Errโ€ฆ Have a look at the links that I have posted in the various sections on the homepage on the left and right. My information mainly came from trawling the Internet; you are bound to find lots of other sites (in the same way that you found mine). Forums have been good and I am sure that if you look on the CTC website or Bikeradar etcโ€ฆ there will be a forum about cycling the Eurovelo 8 route. The source of information that really is no use is the European Cyclists Federation, the organisation that actually set up the whole network!!
      Good luck with your plans and keep me updated. Perhaps if I had turned right along the Eurovelo 8, the weather might have improved

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