Building a Map Platform in “A Team” Style

I need somewhere to put my map while cycling. I have a cheap plastic map cover thing from Decathlon that can be Velcroed to the handlbars but when I tested this out last week it flapped around everywhere and was very annoying. So, I put my thinking cap on and decided to cannibalise the Altura bar bag that I bought last year before cycling along the Pennine Cycleway. I would have found it difficult to use it as it was with the new butterfly handlebars so I dismantled it and ripped off the material cover. Revealed in effect (once twisted 90 degrees) is a platform that can support a map. Not quite finished as it has a few sharp edges and that bit that sticks up at the end is probably lethal! I shall speak to my colleague in the Technology department at school tomorrow and see if he has a saw of some description to help me remove it. A job worthy of the best efforts of the A Team I think!

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  1. Pity the fool, murdoch! Looks like heath robinson would be proud of you! A couple of strips of double sided sticky velcro should sort out map mounting and make it a lot more useful than most map mounts on the market, hell you could even stick a lap top to it 🙂

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