There has been just as much action in Reading and Caversham today with me making great leaps forward in my preparations for July 18th as there has been in SW19, South Africa and Rotterdam combined (Wimbledon, The World Cup & the Tour de France respectively). So as Germany put another one past Argentina to make it 4-nil, here is the pile of purchases I have just poured from my bag on returning home.

It startedย well this morning; bought the ferry ticket – Dover to Boulogne – and the travel insurance. I then made it as far as Luxembourg with the detailed planning although in slightly less detail than I had originally planned (see below). I then set out into town and bought some Velcro straps to secure the map case on the handlebars, a couple of t-shirts, and some shorts before heading north to AW Cycles to pick up the bike from being serviced. I had to wait so used the time to buy a second pair of cycling shorts (identical to the ones I bought in there a couple of weeks ago), a cable to help secure the bike, some spare brake pads (which are now fitted to the bike and the original ones are my spares), some oil and…. I think that’s it!

Whilst in Reading I also went into Altimus, the local supplier of the Spot messenging system. They were out of stock so I still have to make a decision on that particular purchase.

Phew! Spending money is hot work ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. How about starting a thread entitled “what is the one thing you would never leave out of your touring kit?”

What do you think?