Almost Ready For The Road…Almost

I still have two weeks remaining of school, including two visits to France (to Boulogne-sur-Mer of all places!) but I am now getting to the point of being ready to cycle to southern Italy. Jim Rawnsley has suggested below that I start a thread of comments in response to the following question: “What is the one thing you would never leave out of your touring kit?”. I could add a couple of my own; “What is the thing that I will take but end up leaving in a bin in Strasbourg?” and “What is the thing that I won’t take but would gladly find in a bin in Strasbourg?”. Discuss!

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  1. I wouldn’t leave my sudocreme behind. As I need it for my behind.

    Thing I’d bin is food. I find myself carrying the same apples days in a row. You can cope without or find food when really needed. Water you can’t do without.

    I’d like to find a sleeping pillow in a bin, one of those inflateable ones to save space. My neck doesn’t like not having a pillow, especially when sleeping on the ground with only a groundsheet and sleeping bag as a cushion.

  2. I suspect my map/camera/phone/mp3/Nokia E72 is going to be an essential bit of kit- I’m not sure I am happy to be so reliant on technology!

    I have not yet found something that I haven’t used on one of my weekend overnight trips. Hopefully I won’t need to use my first-aid kit.

    If the phone goes wrong then the list above!

  3. Thing I find more useful than it should be is my mountain equipment lightline down pullover.For cool evenings and a warmer sleeping bag in one. Keep meaning to leave it out in warm weather but don’t and always end up wearing it in the evening.

    Thing I could bin in Strasbourg.. mmm.. Always end up carrying more food than is necessary. Food is usualy available en route and I have never run out. Petrol stations always seem to carry high calorie food and energy drinks, they may not be everywhere but they are never far away.

    Thing I would like to find in a bin in Strasbourg. .. fantasy time now.. A talking GPS that ran on solar and only gave me the quiet roads through major cities, oh and a “guarantee of good weather card”

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