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It’s an Italian proverb that says that “a meal without wine is like a day without sunshine”. My postings recently have been so regular that my proverb should be “a day without a post is like….” errr…. that’s why I don’t write proverbs for a living. Answers on a postcard; best one wins a lifetime subscription to (What do you mean there is no subscription? It may happen one day!). Anyway, on a day that was looking suspiciously blog-post free, Darrell Whittle, the northerner with senseย (see previous post) has come up trumps with a picture of some butterfly bars. They look fantastic, no? (As does what looks like my map – good to see it being put to good use.) I assume that Darrell’s bars were fitted as standard as he says in the “nice northerner” post that he …Just got a Santos Travelmaster 2.6 Alu with butterfly handlebars . They look fantastic! I spoke to SJS Cyclesย in Somerset this afternoon on the phone and they do supply the foam for the Modolo Yuma etc… barsย ย as well as the handlebars themselvesย although the former isn’t in stock; it’s on order and should be in soon. I think that I will ring up tomorrow and order them. My only slight concern is that the position of the horizontal bar will be brought forward too much, but this can be compensated for with a longer stem if necessary and anyway, it’s a case of six and two threes; the part of the bar that is further from the cyclist is further than the current horizontal on the drop bars…. Does that make any sense? I haven’t yet posted a picture of what are definitely the Modolo Yuma etc… bars so here is one!

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  1. Hi Andrew.

    How are your butterflies going?

    I do love mine and have just improved them even further for very little outlay. I detail how on my post – Getting A Grip – but in short I have put a double layer of bar tape on. Cheap and simple and a really comfortable grip on long rides now.

    Happy pedalling!

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