Mark Beaumont takes final spin on bike he pedalled down the Americas

Quoted from the BBC website:

Mark Beaumont, the record-breaking cyclist, today had a final spin on the bike that he pedaled 13,000 miles down the Americas. Mark, 27, from Perthshire, was back on the bike outside the BBC Scotland headquarters, where the finishing touches are being added to a three-part network documentary on his remarkable feat. The first 50-minute episode, The Man Who Cycled The Americas: North America, screens on BBC One at 10.35pm on Tuesday 23 March 2010. Parts two and three of the The Man Who Cycled The Americas series, Central America and South America, transmit on Tuesday 30 March and Tuesday 6 April, at the same time. Mark, who is the current world record holder for circumnavigating the globe by bicycle, set off in May last year, finishing his epic adventure last month. Along the way Mark also successfully climbed to the summits of the highest mountains in North and South America – Mount McKinley, USA (20,321 ft) and Mount Aconcagua, Argentina (22,841 ft). The bike he pedaled throughout the journey is to go on display in the reception at the BBC Scotland HQ along with the kit he used to film his odyssey along the American cordillera, the longest series of mountain ranges in the world. Mark said: “It’s a funny feeling being back on the bike after a short break. Along with the camera it was my constant companion.The bike had a punishing time – but so did I. “There were fantastic experiences all the way but also some painful challenges. I had 25 punctures to repair, a bad case of food poisoning, the worst humidity I’ve endured and, for the first time in my whole cycling career, I had to spend a day pushing my bike when winds of 100 kilometres an hour in Patagonia forced me out of the saddle. “The memories of the amazing landscapes I travelled through and the wonderful people who showed me such warmth and friendliness along the way will stay with me forever. The documentary series will show close-up all the highs and lows of my adventure.” Mark was only joined by a BBC cameraman three times on this trip and, even then, only for a few days on each occasion. For weeks on end he cycled and filmed in isolation. Episode one covers the journey through North America, from Anchorage to the United States border with Mexico, episode two through Central America, and the final episode through South America to the finish in the city of Ushuaia, often referred to as “The End of the World”. Throughout the journey, Mark posted regular updates, blogs, videos and photos on An interactive map has allowed visitors to the website to follow him on every part of the journey. There have been over 4,700 followers on Twitter and 2,400 fans on Facebook. His BBC blog has received over 850,000 page impressions, while his pictures on Flickr have generated more than 175,000 views. BBC Radio Scotland is airing an accompanying documentary series, The Man Who Cycled The Americas – Mark’s Diary, at 11.05am on the morning following each episode of the TV series.

I must remeber to buy a ticket for the talk he is giving in Camberley…

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