Mark Beaumont approaches Ushuaia

I woke up this morning to find that someone from Ushuaia had visited the blog. This mythical place (the French even have an ecological television programme named after the town) is of course the destination of Mark Beaumont on his top to bottom trek of the Americas. The information above is a snap shot at 6.30am UK time, that’s 3.30am Argentinian time. Mark’s last Twitter post puts him in the town of Rio Grande (“50 miles since 7pm” – that’s going some!), about 70 miles as the crow flies from Ushuaia. The timings would fit for the visitor to be perhaps Mark himself (the location identified by the Internet is never very accurate; I often live in Wokingham not Reading) or it could be someone in Ushuaia awaiting his arrival. If it is you Mark (and even if it isn’t!), good luck on your final day of cycling. You really are an inspiration the rest of the long-distance cycling community. You put my 6 degrees (see below) into perspective. You can follow Mark’s final few miles on his website.

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