Sanoodi? Paul? Hwyl? Facebook? Hotmail?

The Internet is sometimes a confusing thing. It’s not helped by the fact we allย make it complicated by people like me signing up to a myriad of different ways of communicating. So when I send a message via a website (in this case www.sanoodi.comย by filling in a form on their site) and provide my Hotmail address as a means of contact, I get a response via Facebook (who also message me via Hotmail) from someone who refers to my post on the blog and who is called Hwyl, not Paul who is the owner of the Facebook profile! It is literally a tangled web that we weave. I can’t imagine that thisย comment, from Sir Walter Scott who died in 1832, was ever meant to be anything other than metaphoric. Is Hwyl the Welsh equivalent of Paul? It would seem logical if it is.
Anyway, the message from Paul / Hwyl is actually quite nice and helpful;
Hi Andrew
Thank you so much for the post on Sanoodi. I for my sins run the site and would be happy to answer any of the questions that you raised….
Hwyl from Wales
He does also give a contact telephone number – good old technology! – so I willย give him a call later to investigate my problems with Sanoodi. The picture is not me btw. I no longer do tank tops.

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