Touring bikes….in 2009

I went to WH Smith to see if the latest edition of The Bicycle Buyer had any reviews of touring bikes… but it didn’t. So when I got home I dug out a copy of the magazine that I had bought earlier in 2009 to see if they got a mention… and it did!

Here are the ones mentioned:

Raleigh Royal £459

Dawes Galaxy £899 – this one gets a whole page but it doesn’t say it is a “best buy” or anything like that, just a bigger picture and more detail so reading between the lines I suppose they are recommending it. But then again, they don’t give you the website which is what they do for the rest of them…

Kona Sutra

£999 (are they taking the piss with that name btw?) This one looks amazing – check out the details here… It is still quoted as £1,000 on the website. Do you think they charge extra for the pedals?


Ridgeback Panorama £1,099 

Cannondale Touring Classic £1,249

Thorn Raven Tour £1,349

Condor Heritage £BeSpoke

Prices are early 2009 so they will no doubt have gone up a bit (the Ridgeback certainly has). Bespoke has probably stayed the same…. The Bicycle Buyer certainly sits on the fence; none of the bikes are rated or recommended, just listed with a few scant details. I suppose I at least now know what are the main competitors to the Ridgeback Panorama, my current favourite for purchase.

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  1. I wanted to drop into Condor cycles when I was in London on Friday for a work meeting but ice on the track stopped me from making it there!!! I’ll report back if/when I make it up there for a look.

    I was possibly considering the Fratello (in yellow or would that be too bananaish?) with just a load on the rear and a bar bag (but worried about sti gears getting in the way. £500 or £550 for the frame and might build it up myself?

    The longer I take to decide the more I can keep dreaming and looking.

  2. Look at Dave Yates too. My wife and I bought Wayfarers from him. Hers was custom and mine a standard size. Good old fashioned steel and with 26″ wheels capable of touring on tracks as well as roads. Price is in the same ballpark Mine has racks front and back and butterfly bars, my wife’s only rear rack and straight bars. I carry the heavy load!

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