The final final piece of the map jigsaw

I haven’t made an error in the title. It is the final final piece of the map jigsaw. I wrote here about having bought the final map which covered the heel of Italy. I glossed over the fact that I was ignoring the journey from Reading to Dover by saying that I would follow the National Cycle Network route number 1 after having got to London on the number 4. In addition, when I had looked before, the maps of the south-east corner of England were all either 1:400,000 or 1:250,000 or 1;50,000. None of the mapping companies seemed to go with the Michelin “regional” map standard of 1:200,000. Not even Michelin themselves! I didn’t really want to get into the habit of following a map for the first two or three days that was on a completely different scale to the rest of the trip. Anyway, back in Waterstones today, I did find a 1:200,000 map of the south-east of England, from the AA. So now I really do have a complete set of maps for the journey, until I decide that I need another one of course…There is after all the problem of that slight gap in Switzerland….

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