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I’ve mentioned Sanoodi Mapping before – read the previous post here. I’ve just revisited the site, created my own page and produced the map and profile that you can see in the picture for my commute to work. It’s impressive stuff! Click here to visit the webpage itself. The profile of the route is fascinating (albeit a bit squashed – the roads aren’t that steep along the Berkshire-Oxfordshire border!). The route was easy to set up – just a matter of clicking along the map with the mouse. And I love the link to Flickr which shows pictures actually taken in the area of the map.

A word of warning: the site didn’t work well in Internet Explorer so I had to set up the whole thing using Apple’s Safari browser. In addition, there is an “embed” button but I haven’t yet managed to embed anything apart from the HTTP code into this blog (it wouldn’t work in Blogger either so I suspect an issue with Sanoodi’s code rather than WordPress)

The next step would be to start mobile mapping with Sanoodi. You can see how this would work for me en route to Italy if you visit Oli Broom’s Cycling to the Ashes website. He carries with him a compatible GPS device and the map is created by Sanoodi which in turn is embedded on his website. Sanoodi lists compatible platforms as Nokia S-60, Windows Mobile, Apple i-Phone & Blackberry. Initially I thought that this referred to devices and not the software that runs on them. Now that I have corrected myself, I need to find out whether my Nokia N96 is compatible with Sanoodi. It certainly has a GPS function so let’s hope so. Then all I would have to worry about is the embedding bit…

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