This is a great blog (not mine, the one in the title, although mine is OK too…): . Georgios writes: “In August 2009, after being in the Uk for 7 years, I decided it was time to move back to Greece. My ambitious plan was to cycle my way back rather than fly. So I shipped my stuff home, packed my bike with the essentials and started making my way to the south of Europe. It took me 66 days and the final route was 4325 kilometers.” If you click on the “final route” link, you’ll see that he took quite a different route from my proposed route, cycling around the west coast of France, along the Mediterranean coast, across to the east coast of Italy and finally south to Ancona before jumping on a ferry back to Athens. I loveย this blog entry where he breaks down his journey into a list of statistics.It must be the mathematician in me… It’s amazing what you can find whilst surfing at 4am.

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