Sunday 18th July 2010

I asked my boss today if I could have three days (unpaid) leave at the end of the academic year – Monday 19th to Wednesday 21st July. She said yes! So the date of departure is fixed: Sunday 18th July 2010. This gives me a full six weeks to cycle down to Brindisi. We are back at work on Wednesday 1st September so I evenย have a couple of days to get home and recover should I use the full six weeks. Another piece in the jigsaw.

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  1. Yes, absolutely! Wednesday (two weeks tomorrow) in Trafalger Square, no? Did we arrange a time? Do you think 99 miles is too ambitious for a first day?

    • Did we say 2pm. Were you going to cycle in?
      99 miles, easy! If you say it quickly. You’ll be all fresh and keen on the first day. I think it’s just the thought of it. 99 miles! You’ll do it fine.
      I’m getting quite excited now. I’ve even managed to drop my coffee down my front.
      Been looking at the surly long Haul bike as a possible ride. Did you decide what bike you’re going for?

      • OK, 2pm is good. Cycling down Iโ€™m not sureโ€ฆ Think Iโ€™ll just jump on the train. Bike-wise: I am still aiming for the Ridgeback Panorama โ€“ I keep reading good things about it. Itโ€™s the whole drop handlebar thing that makes me hesitate; I am so used to not using themโ€ฆ.

  2. 99 miles!! Wow! I better start training harder. Just kidding. That sounds reasonable. I’m pretty flexible anyway, so I would check where you are before I set off. This is all Providing the meet goes ok and you don’t mind me coming along.
    We still on for the week after next.

  3. Well….. good question. Sunday: Reading to Canterbury (a good 99 miles to start off with!!!), Monday: Canterbury to Saint Omer, Tuesday: Saint Omer to Lille(ish), Wednesday: Lille(ish) to Brussels…. Does that sound reasonable? So, Wednesday 21st July….

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