I used to love the snow

I did! And I probably will in the future, but I am so glad that, after about three weeks of snow hampering my New Year good intentions to get into serious training for the summer, it has finally gone. Well, apart from a few anorexic snowmen which look more like modern art than anything else, hanging to life on now green grass. Yes, green grass! I haven’t seen it for weeks. It’s a bit like when you have been abroad to a hot, dry place where the ground is all brown and yellow and you return to the UK to find everything so green. That’s a maritime climate for you. As you can see from the forecast, we are not quite safe yet – heavy snow for Wednesday – but look at that temperature for today – 8 degrees! That is nearly double digit. I am so much looking forward to getting back out to do my run this morning but more than that, back to cycling tomorrow morning to work. I have barely touched the bike (or should I say barely been able to touch the bike) since before Christmas. What a brilliant way to celebrate having over 7,000 visitors. And I am intrigued who Michael may be; he has left a message over there in the chat box. Come back at 8pm tonight Michael and we will chat.

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