Sanoodi Mapping

I need to remember this: Sanoodi mapping. It is a way of recording your route, en route and showing it live via the Internet. Oli Broom (Cycling to the Ashes) appears to use it (although it is credited on the map on his site with two other companies: ESRI(UK) and OpenStreetMap). It works, I think, via a compatible GPS phone (which I don’t have: i-Phone, Nokia S60, Blackberry…). Not sure how Mark Beaumont does his map, but he is via the BBC website so he has a bit of help! George Jemmott (GPS person) might have more to add to this – George: please comment below!

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  1. also see!I'm not that much of an expert, though… so I bet there are others we don't know about.Regardless, the common file formats seem to be .gpx (saveable by Garmin's software, likely other GPSes, as well as Google Earth) and .kml (saveable by google earth).


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