News fom the Far East (Essex)

It looks like I am not the only one who is relieved to see the back of the snow and ice. Richard, my cycling companion from Brussels to Strasbourg(ish) writes:
Hi Andrew
Hope you’re keeping well. Can finally get out on the bike today. Just thought I’d give you a quick update. Purchased maps of uk and Europe. Plotted the final route to dartford but also bidding on a GPS to maybe save time map reading. Follow cycle route 1 and 16 from Dartford to Dover. This I will do as soon as the weather warms up. Looking at routes from Calais to Brussels. Found the canals but very unclear on the roads to take. This part to be done in May. Fell into the January sales trap yesterday and purchased a tent, sleeping bag and mattress. Visited bike shops to look at panniers and bikes but think I will get these online. How’s your plan coming along?
Speak to you soon.
I’ll be interested to find out which tent he has bought. If you remember I spent much time last summer debating the pros and cons of different tents. Mark Beaumont even emailed with his thoughts! I never bought one as I chose to use hostels instead. I will, however, need to buy one before the summer as the flexibility a tent can offer is invaluable.

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