Running without pain…yet

I went for a run a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned it here with a map of the route I take, but the following day I could hardly walk. Most muscles in my body ached and I had done something to my left foot – it felt like the arch had been crushed and walking without any support was, for a day or so, near impossible. Luckily I was on holiday so it just meant hobbling around. The plan had been to start going for my jog twice a week. Needless to say the plan was on hold.
So, this morning, back to square one and I went for another run. I was pleasantly surprised to run the whole circuit without stopping – I usually do so at the bridge over the canal and then briefly as I pass back over the canal nearer the centre of town. Tomorrow morning will be the bigger test: waking up to see if my body moves! Hopefully, I may be back on the circuit midweek…

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