The Cycling Europe Podcast: Episode 030 – Tandem WOW / Joff Summerfield

Cycle touring is normally undertaken on a bicycle composed of two wheels of the same size and one cyclist sitting on the saddle. But not always… The guests in this episode of the podcast didn’t for one minute allow their desires to break free from the norms of cycling to quell their lofty ambitions. On the contrary. All three contributors – tandem cyclists Rachel Marsden and Catherine Dixon, and penny-farthing rider Joff Summerfield – have cycled thousands of kilometres across the globe. They talk to the podcast about their cycling adventures with a twist.

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  1. Joff inspired me in Dover, Delaware, USA in 2008 with his photo-illustrated talk toward the end of his epic trip by penny farthing. I’ve now done three 300-600 mile trips by penny farthing in the US.

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