Coming Soon: Wanda Reviewed!

Wanda, my Koga WorldTraveller Signature bike, purchased in 2019, is currently back at the bike shop for a service; new tyres (Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tour to replace the Schwalbe Almotion tyres she came with), new bottom bracket, brake pads, Rohloff oil change… that kind of thing. But since purchasing the bike back in 2019, I’ve never formally reviewed it. So, after 20 months of riding the Koga, I thought it was about time I did. I’m off to Tadcaster later in the week to pick her up and cycle her back to Pennine Yorkshire at which point I’ll crack on with a review – probably posted to YouTube although I’ll no doubt write something here as well. It won’t come as a spoiler to say that my comments will be overwhelmingly positive, but there are few things that are worth pointing out should you be thinking of investing in one of bikes yourself…

In the meantime, here’s a little ‘intro’ video that I put together yesterday looking back over those 20 months of cycling Wanda in Yorkshire, Spain, Portugal in 2019 and my tour of the UK last summer.

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