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It’s Not Easy Being Green…

Caroline Burrows, the poet who is behind the “Verse Cycle” initiative which is involving her in writing a verse of poetry every day about the challenges and rewards or “being green”, has just penned her 331st verse. And I get a mention, which is very nice indeed. Here’s the poem:

You may remember that last week I had a bit of a clear out of my cycling gear. Rather than make an effort to sell the items, I decided to take the easy option of trying to give away the 15 items of cycling kit. And I’m delighted to say that they were all taken off my hands. Now, instead of gathering dust in a cupboard chez moi they are all being made good use of elsewhere. Here is what was on offer:

Here’s the bell to which Caroline offered to give a new home:

It’s actually a bell with a claim-to-fame. Not only is it a veteran of two of the three pan-European cycles (Along The Med… and Spain to Norway…) but it is also the star of the most viewed video on the Cycling Europe YouTube Channel! 48,557 views and counting…

Caroline appeared on The Cycling Europe Podcast back in February talking about her poetry:

…and she’s not the only person to report back with news of the items that I gave away last week. How about this:

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New seat! Slick looks at home. Thank you @cyclingeurope

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That’s my old Brooks saddle, complete with Mascot (which has been added by its new owner I hasten to add). Thanks to Ian for coming to collect it. And thanks to all the other people who offered homes to all the other 13 items.

You can read / listen to more of Caroline’s poems via her Twitter feed or on YouTube. I even appeared in one of her videos earlier in the summer. Can you spot me?

The moral of the story? It’s actually not difficult being green if you decide to give away your unused cycling gear. Why not try it?

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