The Koga E-WorldTraveller Bicycle

I don’t have a great deal to say about this – you can read the details on the Koga website – but the Koga E-WorldTraveller bicycle shown here is basically an e-bike version of Wanda, my Koga WorldTraveller Signature (see link below). Give me another 20 years and I might be investing but there are more and more eBikes on the road and it’s not just the older generation. I see quite a few younger people cycling them and it no longer seems incongruous. Better a young person on an eBike than in a car!

My non-e-Bike in action in Spain

Hereโ€™s a video I made last year on a visit to Germany where eBikes have taken off in a big way:

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  1. Like you I’m not ready for one yet Andrew but I think they are fantastic.

    I hear some negative comments from some people but I agree anything to get people out of the car must be a good thing. Additionally the phsycological benefits of getting out on the bike are huge.

    Chatting to the friend of a local GP she told me her friend told her that the weekly ride out together was what had kept her sane during lockdown.

    I know I’m preaching to the converted

    • You are indeed John. Your comments have prompted me to update the article with a short film about my own experiences – my only experience! – of using an eBike in Germany last year. It was fun!

  2. Two years ago, after a knee replacement and a hard fall on my shoulder, rather than knee, luckily, I bought an adult recumbent etrike, the Hase Kettwiesel evo. Now at age 73 I am driving less and riding between 600 and 900 miles per month. Electric assist is great. Riding can still be as strenuous as you want it to be.

  3. I have to say that my Koga world traveller e-bike has brought all the joy back for me. Yesterday, we cycled an 85 miles round trip to visit my brother – in his garden. We both carry spare batteries. I used 1 full and a half of the other one . Jozef used 3 cells of the first battery for the whole ride. We can keep at the same pace without difficulty and when cycle camping have radical design trailers for the gear. superb combo. BTW will be 70 later this year

      • yes about 20 months ago – age is catching up. I was going to resist until I was 70 but as J said it was only 2 years early. I got one and we then went off and cycled Hadrians wall – came to the escarpment just after Lanercost priory and I was up the hill in a flash. I waited for J not the usual way. It was after that trip he decided to purchase one. Most of the time he rides with no assistance while I ride in Eco. It keeps us both together and we are having a great time

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