Max’s Podcast Story: “The Best Yet”

I write the books and post things to this website because I enjoy doing so. It’s as simple as that. The same goes for the podcast which has now come of age following the release of episode 021 earlier this week. It is, however, rather humbling to receive the positive feedback that so many of you make the effort to give. Below are a few comments that I have been delighted to read this week. Thank you to everyone who has listened to the podcast and to all those people below, thank you for taking the time to get in touch. The latest instalment of The Cycling Europe Podcast investigates the epic cycle of Maximilian J. St. George at the start of the 20th Century. Max was the man who invented bikepacking about 100 years before bikepacking itself was invented… Or should that now be ‘re-invented’?

โ€œThis is a brilliant podcast, Andrew – the best yet! Really nice use of interviewees and voices, and a fascinating story. You’ve struck gold here!โ€

Rob Ainsley (Facebook)

“Just finished listening to what has been yet another wonderful podcast. Absolutely fascinating and, once again, inspirational. Thank you Andrew.”

Duncan Rhodes (WordPress)

โ€œJust wanted to say how much I enjoyed the latest podcast – must have taken some detective work to piece it all together and all presented in such a professional way.โ€

Andrew Brown (email)

โ€œCongratulations for your last podcast, I liked it a lot.โ€

Csaba Rรณzsa (email)

โ€œBrilliant pod Andrew I absolutely loved the story of Max St John and your research into his journey and the background to it. Well doneโ€

Simon Cross @Simon153 (Twitter)

โ€œLoved the podcast! Re the budget discussion, in 2016 when cycling in Holland we met a girl who had cycled there from Finland and was going on to Spain on a budget of โ‚ฌ5 a day!โ€*

Christine Armstrong @CycleGBCoast (Twitter)

โ€œWhat an absolutely fantastic podcast by @CyclingEurope – one I’ll enjoy listening to again while making plansโ€ฆโ€

Tristam James @Tristam_James (Twitter)

โ€œCycling, history and geography all in one episode. Really enjoyed itโ€

Nick Jones @NJones (Twitter)

(* My response to Christine was that I probably spend โ‚ฌ5 a day on just coffee and croissants…)

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  1. Very enjoyable Andrew

    My attention span is similar to a goldfish but I was glued to this. Your forensic research and obvious enthusiasm to give an accurate account of the journey in the context of that time is wonderful.

    Heartening that the main impression he had was of the generosity people showed and his conviction (we probably all have) that cycling is the best way to see a country.

    Thank you

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