Wolf Pack: Geneva – San Remo

This isn’t quite my style – too fast by far… – but it is quite an adventure and may be of interest to some. Over to the organisers:

Wolf Pack is a dare. To ride from Geneva to San Remo, over Telegraphรฉ, Galibier, Vars and Cime de la Bonnette – in a single go. Wolf Pack will roll out of Geneva at dawn on Saturday August 12th. 500km and 11,000 meters of climbing later, the challenge is to roll into San Remo in time for Sunday Sunset. WE RIDE ALL NIGHT! The original Wolf Pack is four friends, riding in a spirit of togetherness and adventure. The challenge is open to all to bring their own Wolf Packs and join us on the road. We created Wolf Pack to help child refugees. We ride to support the great work of Save the Children. We donโ€™t know for sure if we can do it. We donโ€™t know if there will be five or five hundred of us at the start. What we do know is that it will be the most incredible, spiritual and magical ride weโ€™ve ever done. What will it be like to see the sun set over the Alps as we descend Vars? What will it be like to climb the highest road in the French Alps by moonlight? How will we feel at the first glimpse of the azure sea? This is an adventure, and none of us can answer those questions until weโ€™ve done it. The invitation to join is open. Bring your own Wolf Pack. Letโ€™s ride all night.”


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