Travel Technology – The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Today, for the first time in my eight-year blogging career I was asked to give someone face-to-face advice about running a successful ‘adventure’ website. The person concerned is Mike, a geography teacher at the school where I’ve been working since earlier in the year. This is one of his posts; there are many others on his website. Worth a few moments of your time.

The Rough Guide to a Lonely Planet

iPhone Travel Tool or Travel Terror?! (source –

In the 10 years I have been travelling solo, I have noticed a distinct change in the way we travel; a shift in how we negotiate the journey.  Back in the summer of 2005, jetting off on my first big solo trip to Australia and New Zealand; a trip I had booked over the telephone.  I worked my way north, up the coast from Sydney arranging transport and accommodation, largely, by phone or on arrival at hostels.  My communication home, to family and friends, was minimal; I truly was ‘far from home’ in every sense.  Now…the advent of high speed, mobile Internet communication and affordable smart technology has (like most aspects of our lives) dramatically changed the whole experience of travel.  This is not only for the traveller themselves, but the people back home who are able to connect, journey with them…

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